Five Tips for Buying a Wi-Fi Video Camera Doorbell


Tip 1: Decide what doorbell is right for you

There are three types of fundamental doorbell systems:. 1. Classic push button doorbells. These have a button on your front door which, when pressed, plays a loud sound, sometimes accompanied by a visual signal. The doorbell signal transmission is over a wire, which means that bell, audio, and video signals are sent from the transmitter to the receiver through a wire or cord. 2. Wireless doorbells have a small transmitter that sends a signal from the front door to a remote doorbell chime. Communication systems allow you to speak through the doorbell system, using either sound signals or a combination of sound and video signals. 3. Smart Home doorbells include Wi-Fi doorbells with internet connection, video camera doorbells, apps for your smartphone, remote access to the doorbell and additional features.  


Tip 2: Safety First

Determine if your new doorbell system fulfills your requirements for safety. If you live in a good neighborhood, a classic push button doorbell may be enough. If you would like something more hi-tech Smart Home doorbells give you a wide range of affordable options. A video camera doorbellmay be the most secure type of doorbell system. This is the only type which allows you to see an image of your visitor. You will quickly be able to tell if it's the postal worker with a package or an unwanted guest outside. Some cameras even offer a night mode to allow you to see in the darkness. And some versions will even transmit the video doorbell pictures to your smart phone so you can view who is at your door even if you are not at home.  


Tip 3: Choose a high quality doorbell

Doorbell systems are always exposed to mother nature's weather. Purchase doorbells with a waterproof housing. This choice will allow you to be certain of the longest possible life for your device. The doorbell button itself has to be able to stand up to heavy use. That's why you should be sure to purchase only high-quality materials. They need to be break- and shock-resistant.  


Tip 4: Pick your perfect doorbell chime

There is a doorbell chimefor almost everyone's taste in rings. Many doorbell systems allow you to set your own doorbell chime. Doorbells with MP3 chimes are especially popular. These doorbell systems contain MP3 players you can load with your favorite chimes and tones. Many doorbell systems have a USB port for this purpose which let you connect them to a computer. Other doorbells use MP3 files available on a memory card. This type of system allows you to be as creative as you like in choosing chimes for your doorbell chime. And of course there are the classic ding-dong doorbell chimes.  


Tip 5: Doorbell Installation

There is a wide range of doorbell systems available on You should also check carefully to be sure all the functions you desire come with the doorbell system. Read the manufactures product details as well as consumer reviews posted on Make sure you know how to install the doorbell system or have a handyman ready to help you before your purchase it. And confirm the doorbell system fits your door frame and inside your home.  

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